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Guide to Launching Your New Real Estate Career

The Albemarle Area School of Real Estate 8-Step Plan


Complete our 80-Hour

Our 80-hour pre-licensing course is approved by the NC Real Estate Commission (NCREC). We provide you with our online partner, Dearborn Education’s textbook Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina, teach you our error analysis method, provide you with our test bank, and an extra study session that will help you study for your test AND pass the state exam!


Read the Real Estate Licensing in NC Booklet

Download the application booklet Real Estate Licensing In North Carolina which outlines what you need to know about the entire licensing process. Once you have passed our school’s Pre-licensing course exam, you apply to take the state exam.


Order Your Criminal Record Check

Before completing our 80-Hour Real Estate

Pre-licensing Course, be sure to order your criminal record check. Order online through the NC Real Estate Commission application system.  Be sure to review your criminal report for accuracy.


Submit Completed Application to the NC Real Estate Commission

When you complete your online application, be sure your criminal report has been sent to the NCREC, and that our school has reported you having passed the course. An application fee of $100 must be paid by credit card along with your online application submission. Report your present and past employment history, your present and past residences and your school code and instructor number carefully. Your school code and instructor number is located on your certificate of completion. Once the NC Real Estate Commission has processed your application you will receive permission to take the NC Real Estate State Examination.

Here's the link to the NCREC's online License Application


NC Real Estate Exam & Commission Review

The NC Real Estate Examination consists of two sections a “National” section and a “State” section which must be completed in 3.5 hours. If you score below the required minimum score on the “National” or the “State” sections, you must retake the section you did not pass with the testing center 10 days after your initial exam. If you pass, your application will be considered for licensure after your criminal report has been reviewed. Once you are approved for licensure, you will receive your North Carolina broker license in the mail. Your initial license status will be “provisional” and you will be referred to as a “provisional broker.”


Associate with Real Estate Firm

If you wish to become active in real estate, you will need to associate with a real estate firm or broker and pay your annual renewal fee to the NC Real Estate Commission on or before June 30 of each year.

A NC provisional broker license must be listed under a broker-in-charge to be activated and the licensee be eligible to sell/negotiate real estate transactions. If you do not wish to become active in real estate, you must pay your annual renewal fee to the NC Real Estate Commission every year before June 30 to keep your license.


Becoming a Full Broker

Provisional brokers have 18 months to complete all 90 hours of state mandated Post Licensing.

To complete each broker post-licensing course, you must attend at least 90% of each 30-hour class and pass a school exam by scoring 75% or higher. After completing the 3 post-licensing courses, for a total of 90 hours your “provisional” status is removed. 


Continuing Education

Take continuing education courses of 8 hours annually before your second license renewal to keep your license on active status.

The NC Real Estate Commission requires a 4- hour “General Update” course and a 4-hour elective course after your first license renewal for a total of 8 hours of Continuing Education annually.  

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